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Which AEG I should buy

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Hey there,I have 2 gas guns and I like them they are great,but I've never had a single AEG rifle or pistol,so at first I wanted to buy the AEG as my first airsoft gun,but then I switched to the KJW,well after couple of year,I'm thinking of getting the AEG especially the AK series,but then saw that there is a lot of brands of them and I don't whom I should it and what should take a look,so,for my budget it's around ~200$ MAX.I just wanted to buy the gun that I was always was the fan of the it,the AK-47.So,which brand and what model I should buy,and which is the most reliable and it's not hard to get the parts for the gun incase something's breaks(because it's really important to me to know if there is some replacement parts for the gun that I wanted to buy),since I'm not an AEG user neither a had any much experience with them.

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