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Fully Steel 98k SE Bolt

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For all Forum Members who have interests with Kar98k Shell Ejecting Airsoft,



Our company have decided to produce a new proprietary CNC product. It is a fully carbon steel based CNC 98K Shell Ejecting Green Gas powered Bolt Handle Assembly!



Problems of existing Green Gas 98k Bolt of both Marushin & Dboy:


1. Since Marushin Green Gas 98k has been invented in early 1990s and Dboy Green Gas 98k has been invented in middle 2000s, a lot customers complain about the quality of these 2 brand 98ks' bolt handle assembly. Because both Marushin and Dboy use zinc alloy as material to produce their 98k, any knocks or relatively strong hit will easily crack their bolt handle assembly. Meanwhile, the internal gas tank of both Marushin and Dboy 98k's Bolts are subject to decay over time because zinc alloy cannot last long under high pressure and high frequent knocking environment. A lot of 98k riffle fans' Marushin 98k and Dboy 98k's Body Receiver parts are still functional, however, the damage of Bolt part cause them have no way to keep playing their shell ejecting green gas 98k airsoft.


2. The muzzle velocity of Marushin 98k is limited in a very low range due to Japan's one joule law. injecting green gas with higher pressure will automatically trigger Marushin 98k bolt's leaking system. Dboy is better than Marushin in this part, however, Dboy's maximum velocity is limited within 550 fps by shooting 0.2 gram 6mm BB.


3. Both Marushin & Dboy 98k does not function well in their shell ejection system. Their original design will also damage pricey shells a lot.


What our upcoming product will overcome:


Our company's proprietary CNC Carbon Steel 98k green gas bolt has completely solved 3 issues that both Marushin 98k and Dboy 98k indicate above. The quality of steel material that we use are quite similar as the real Mauser 98k, which is highly resistant to strong knock and hit.


Meanwhile, you do not need to worry about over time decay in the internal part of the Bolt since we use high quality steel in bolt's internal part as well. The gas leaking issue has been maximally reduced in our product.


Finally, our company's 98k green gas steel bolt's muzzle velocity could be adjusted easily between 280 fps to 660 fps by shooting 0.2 gram 6mm BB. You can enjoy the muzzle velocity at whatever level that you like after some adjustment.


The basic concept of our Steel Bolt is in the Youtube link below. The Steel bolt in the video below is not the final product of our company. We will upload more pictures to you guys after final product comes out.



Any 98k airsoft shell ejecting fans who have interests with our new 98k steel bolt can ask me any questions about this product. In addition, please feel free to tell me your preferred purchase price of our new product. I appreciate.






Mauser98 Airsoft Part Designer


Edited by Mauser98

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