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FS: KMP9, WE G36, KJW M700, SRC G36, ICS 552, GHK G5, & WE M9

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Looking to fund some other projects so these are up for sale. Might add more stuff eventually, but I have pics for these right now.
Shipping not included unless we work something out.
$415 - KWA MP9 in black with four long mags and three short mags. Also has a 14mm threaded barrel from dangerwerx? I think. Original is included as well. Also has the CQB bolt and the broken original one if you care to fix it. Will part mags for the right price, but I would prefer to sell 3-4 mags at a time. Bushnell red dot not included. Side rail will be included, I have it somewhere.
$420 - WE G36c comes with 7 mags that are not leaky. Gun has been lightly used and has a 999k body, although it is a g36c set up. Only real upgrade is the IDZ top rail and the enhanced bolt release, everything else is stock. Only issue is the trigger guard near the mag catch was sanded or dremeled for something. Doesn't affect function, but it's the only big imperfection. Green sling adapter not included.
$110 - KJW M700, shoots weak. Not sure why, I tried messing with the gas adjustment in the bolt to no avail. Includes some replacement knocker/mag parts I bought to fix the gun up with, but at this point I don't have the time. 2 magazines, one is non leaky, the other needs some work if I remember correctly.
$190 - SRC G36c, should have a decent neo-motor and I think AOE is corrected. In good shape overall and has a metal hop up unit. Otherwise this gun should be stock, but it does work well. Comes with 4 MAG? Midcaps, 1 CA midcap, 1 CA hicap, and 1 TM hicap. Also will throw in my beat up battleaxe magwell conversion. Original handguard rails are included.
$180 - ICS Sig 552, comes with 4 hicap mags that work fine. Gun is in good shape and works fine. Nothing real special about this one except that someone tried to enlarge the handguard holes to stick the battery connector through. They probably didn't know you could just do this. Original handguard rails are included.
$260 - GHK G5 w/ Aluminum charging handle, three tan G5 mags, M4 stock adapter & original stock. Side rails were removed, but are included. Only problem with the gun is the mag catch is finicky and doesn't always want to work. Otherwise a great gun I just never get to use.
If interested I also have some more GHK stanang style mags that work well in the gun.
$90 - WE M9 Sword Cutlass. Nothing special, I just never use it. I can take more pics if needed, but this was just a quick one.


PM me offers, but I'm more willing to deal if you buy more. Will part mags. Will take some trades, offer up gas guns or revolvers, TM 1911 related stuff, nice gear, optics/lights, M-lok accessories, etc. No AEGs besides a Sten please.

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