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Looking for players in Union and Wallowa Counties.

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We are looking to build members, as our numbers are thin.

Specifically, dedicated team mates, who either own better-than stock or are willing to be taught.


Any age, gender, or skill level.


We have several forested venues, but are actively searching for an indoor site.


Joule limit is up to four, with anything higher than 2.5 hard-locked to semi.

MED is enforced for all power above 1.5 joules, training required and demonstrate knowledge of safe distance.


We are adamant enthusiasts that love this sport, so to help anyone get started, we have spare gear and rentals (cost of BBs only). In addition, we have several starter to advanced guns for sale.

We can even teach you to tech!


We want anyone and everyone to come out and play.

We're hoping for at least one adult with a bit of spare income.



I'm Christoph, go by Goose because every game something horrible happens to my neck (a joke for old airsofters); plus, it's really fun to scream.

There two other captains, Wallowa Airsoft's co-founder SnarkAngel, and Greek whose separate team we absorbed.


We field about eight people per game, and it's really sad.



Call, text, IM, find us on Facebook, or reply here.

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