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What type of barrel fits a sniper rifle?

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Before you buy a barrel...have you checked yours for consistency and finish?


You may be surprised at the quality of your barrel and the poor finish on many "upgrade" barrels.


I say this from first hand experience where this one kid tossed out the stock barrel and put in a 6mm ProShop barrel (major mistake). While he was swapping over the hop-up packing, I looked down his barrel and into a light. It was perfect! Glass smooth and no imperfections at all...but he bought his Upgrade Barrel and "had" to install it because he know that stock parts were crap...




I bought it from him for 5.00...and installed it in another BAR 10 that had a damaged barrel...it shot really well with that barrel

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I agree with this but anyway I will answer your question, you can't use AEG barrels unless you upgrade it with a new hop up chamber that uses them, which I highly recommend since that is probably the most important upgrade. I'm not sure about bar 10s but AA makes good hop up chambers. I would also get a maple leaf bucking and concave nub with a Prometheus barrel. Hope this helps.

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