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My m16 airsoft rifle randomly shoots!

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Your comment is like posting on the internet and saying my foot hurts, what wrong?


We Can't help you until you provides LOT's of details.


So with that and you haven't provided any details these are some of the things you can do,


Check Motor Connectors

Check Battery Connectors

Check your battery, it may be the issue. Get another battery and test your AEG on a full charge.

Check your trigger contacts

Check your feed tube for obstructions

Check your hop-up arm to see if it's to far down.

Check your hop-up packing to see if it's torn and causing an obstruction.

Check your magazine to see if its properly wound - Hicap

Check your magazine to see if it has proper spring tension - MidCap/Standard

Check and see if your magazine is seating correctly and the bb detent is releasing.

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