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New enthusiast looking for first purchase!

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Hey guys, I'm Jay from New York and I'm a new member here. I'm also new into the airsoft world, I'm 20 now, so I spent the better part of my childhood playing with spring powered handguns and basic plastic rifles thinking they were the best thing in the world haha. I remember getting my first AEG AK-47 at 10 years old and being so ecstatic that I didn't have to :censored2: it each time, thing probably shot 200 fps at 8 rounds a second but to a 10 year old that was amazing.

So 10 years later I'm learning about all the different types of guns and I've spent a good time doing research so I think I have pretty good understanding of most things. I have an AMG L96 I recently got on ebay for cheap that I wouldn't even consider my first major gun, and a spring powered 360fps M1911 I dug out of the attic. I want to be versatile between scouting with the L96 and actually being in the direct action. Definitely have been looking more towards GBB rifles than AEG's for now, just because of the uncertainty and quirks and necessities AEG's seem to have, as well as I like heavy, metal guns with blowback and at least SOME recoil. I'm trying to spend like $200 or less on a GBB, so any suggestions would be great. I know that doesn't leave many options so maybe even suggestions for a really good, versatile medium-short range AEG. Would probably spend about $150-$200 if I had to on a good AEG. Thanks for the help!

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GBB are actually more finicky than AEG's


The Spring powered 1911 is not possible for 360fps, unless you are talking about .12g bbs and that is a stretch too.


For 200.00 you are not going to get any GBBR of any quality. Save up another 150.00 and then you can get into something nice. However, if you are in NY...you will have temperature issues that will limit use and will also narrow down your choices and drive up costs.


If you are truly on a budget, skip the non-functional "realistic" features for now and just get something that can reliably reach out 70 yards to touch someone even if it's all polymer and light weight.

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Agree with everything Guges said.


In addition to that, even if you do spend the initial $350 on a reliable GBBR, you will have a nice shooting rifle with only 1 (>50 round) magazine. Extra magazines for GBBR's average around $50 a piece.


On the contrast, you could spend ~$140 on a G&G Combat Machine, or a Cyma AK along with a few Hi-Capacity magazines that hold 300(m4) -600(ak) rounds for $10 a piece and have a much more skirmishable loadout.

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