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SAI BLU pistol custom build, one of a kind! A must see!

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I'm selling my custom built SAI BLU airsoft pistol that I built from the ground up. This is truly a one of a kind peice!! Every detail that went into this build is exactly like what is found on the real steel Salient blu! Its v took me a VERY long time to complete this, the parts were hard to find, and some of them I actually had to custom make by hand! Every part that went into this is top of the line aftermarket parts, ZERO stock parts used! Ive also converted everything specifically to Toyko Marui specs! This pistol can be ran using your standard green gases, and also (and here's the best part) it's been built to withstand Co2 all day long!!! This is by far the smoothest, most accurate and reliable pistol I've ever made. Everything is a true 1:1 scale to the real SAI blu, such as the dimpled solid brass backstrap and solid brass mag release (100% functional too), the box fluted SAI threaded barrels (TiN finish and black nitride style finish) with Salient Arms style convex thread protectors, the custom made Salient BLU frame with accurate frame mods and stipple work done to SAI specifications, the SAI glock fiber optic sights (black nitride finish) and the SAI style stainless steel recoil spring guide rod, the real size SAI minimalistic magwell, and real size SAI flat face trigger. That's just the outside appearances! The internals are all top notch and tuned to run like non other! It took me three seperate attempts at building the BLU before I was finally able to get it tuned and running at its highest potential and also wanted to get every single detail as close to the real steel SAI BLU as I possibly could. You seriously wouldn't be able to tell the difference from this BLU and the real BLU just by looking at them side by side. That's how much attention to detail was put into this build. It's hands down my greatest build that ive done so far. Below is the entire parts list that went into this build. With this sale, I'm including the complete pistol, 2 SAI box fluted threaded barrels with custom thread protectors, 1 Tokyo marui glock mag with SAI VTAC base plate, 1 EMG SAI Co2 glock Mag with standard factory Glock style base plate, and pistol storage case. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer them! Thanks, and don't hesitate to buy this! You won't be disappointed, I promise you! I wish I could upload pics, but message me and I'll send pics through text if interested.


Parts list



(Lone Wolf Timberwolf base, Marui Spec)


Upper assembly


Prime/Nova SAI BLU Slide Set $120


Guns Modify Steel SAI box fluted threaded barrel (TiN finish) - $75


Guns Modify Steel SAI box fluted threaded barrel - $75 + (Duracoat H&K semi gloss black $45) $120


Guns modify 6.03 precision inner barrel


Hero Custom Steel Salient Style Convex thread protector x2 $60


Guns modify Steel CNC Salient Fiber optic Glock Sights $40


Ocean Custom Tactical S Style steel recoil guide rod $20


Guarder enhanced Recoil spring $10


Guarder Lightweight BBU $25


UAC TM G17 aluminum loading nozzle $60


UAC G17 aluminum valve blocker $20


Angel custom aluminum rocket valve $10


Guarder enhanced G17 piston lid $5


Maple leaf aluminum hop up unit $25


Maple leaf I-Key $10


Nine Ball wide use Hop Up Bucking $20


Maple leaf aluminum hop up adjustment Wheel $10


Lower assembly


Echo 1 Timberwolf frame w/ SAI BLU style mods $50


Custom made Solid Brass Backstrap $50


Custom made Solid Brass Mag Release $50


Guarder Full Steel Hammer Assembly $60

-Guarder Steel Hammer $18

-Guarder Steel Sear $12

-Guarder Steel Firing Pin $12

-Guarder Steel Firing Pin Reset $18


Guns modify titanium nitride reinforced trigger lever $30


Guns modify ball bearing hammer rotor $10


UAC Reinforced 7075 aircraft grade aluminum hammer housing $50


UAC reinforced 7075 aircrafr grade aluminum front rail mount $50


Guarder enhanced spring set $10


Ready Fighter SAI Flat Faced trigger black $30


Guarder extended slide release $15


Guns modify stainless steel pin set (silver) $10


Guarder serial number tag G17 $10


Guns Modify extended slide lock $15


R.F. SAI Magwell (black) $30


Magazines & Accessories

×2 Tokyo Marui standard glock mag $60

×1 Guarder standard glock mag base $15

×1 Ready Fighter VTAC/SAI mag base $30

×2 Nineball enhanced mag lip seal $20


Total $1225

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