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Is the kjw kp05 a good gun?

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a new gun that will last a long while, and shoots fairly nice. I'm looking at a kjw kp05 1911, but the gas efficiency with green gas worries me. Some people say it shoots 2 mags others say it shoots 15 bbs before emptying. I would like it to be able to shoot at least 1 mag with green gas, and if not, please recommend something else. I don't want a TM product however because of it being plastic, and I already know, it's quality, reliable, and accurate but the slide has to be metal without me paying extra money. Try to keep under $150, thanks.

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Don't listen to either of them.


You will get one mag worth of bbs. Then refill. I really don't understand why people "have" to get two mags of bbs out of one magazine fill of gas.


This is true only IF YOU FOLLOW proper filing procedures. Don't use a fill count and don't try and fill a mag that is hot.


As long as you follow PROPER GBB usage and fill procedures...you will be fine.

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