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Prime LR300 Custom Rifle w. Daytona GBB (1 of 2 known at time of completion)

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Prime LR300 Custom gun. (Ah, where does one begin:) Arguably among the nicest 'M4-style' airsoft rifle extant. Beautiful material, beautiful craftsmanship and obviously a work of passionate commitment by it's makers to 'get it right'. They do the real-steel version a real honor as the two are hard to tell apart, side by side (which led to problems as you will read). Like the Inokatsu M4 or Viper Tech rifles (which I own and thus can make the observation) the Prime kit is is simply dead-on realistic, so much so that it was hard to get it safely through Customs because of that realism and material fidelity (not to mention trademark/trade dress. Solid, aircraft-grade billet aluminium was used throughout. As many know, the base gun was predicated for use with AEG hardware. Therefore, the amount or work necessary to 'convert' the gun to a GBB was truly a daunting and, ultimately, magnificent feat. Initially, Daytona was not keen on taking the project on. But, given the subject matter and the fact that it would showcase DG's considerable skills in what is ultimately a small airsoft world community, and some other reasons, including germaine 'bragging-rights', Daytona agreed to produce two of the Prime guns using the Daytona gas engine, keeping one rifle for the company, ostensibly as a prototype design bed. About one year later - the project was completed (during which DG/Justin found themselves embroiled in some nasty third; party shenanigans that basically turned the company upside down and very nearly destroyed it). Fast forward: after said issues with Customs, wherein the rifle was seized on the grounds that it violated regulations against importation of restricted firearms (!) and an ensuing appeal action that would make grounds for a good book, Customs released the gun.


The rifle is like new in perfect working order in both full, semi and safe modes. Sips gas but delivers appx 450fps at 110psi. Piece has perhaps 1000 shots through her and is basically still in break-in period (meaning it will just get even better performance with time/use)!


The internals of the gun have been closely inspected and some untidy mill-finishing work was cleaned-up to ensure the mechanics of the GBB system are in superb operational state - after all, the world's only gas operated, blowback Prime LR300 deserves no less. The gun has never been fielded but she has made it to a number of events where she has generated lots of attention:) I kid thee not.


Oh, almost forgot - take a look at the S/N of the gun... Link below. Until I clean out my inbox to make some room it appears I cannot take messages but feel free to send a email to my 'airsoft' email Addy at tangodown40<AT>gmail.com


Prime LR300 w. DG blowback engine. https://imgur.com/a/swDIC


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