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I need a SOLID 1911 gbb platform (2 elite force's broke after less than 1 week)

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Hello, sorta newbie airsofter, first time poster.


I'm a 1911 fanboy so I wanted one. Got their traditional 1911a1. After removing the threaded extension (which a 1911a1 does not have) it worked great! Still does.


So I bought one of their "tactical" ones with the hollow hammer, as well as a colt rail gun which is basically the same mechanism.


Both of these broke in under a week, the railgun twice (after hammer was warrenteed).


I believe the problem is that the hammer material is too thin, considering the metal used is not as strong as a real gun.


My non tactical traditional 1911a1 has a solid army style hammer so I'm thinking that's why it didn't break.


I took some parts from the broken ones (grips, flat mainstring housing) and sort of customized by 1911a1, and now I also have two spare mags! But in the process I learned there are potential problems with all elite force guns not just the ones with hollow hammers.


I will keep the old style 1911a1 as long as it works but want a good solid replacement to hand just in case.

I need one with upgradable / maintenence possible internals, and solid externals that won't break off (like that cheap EliteForce hammer).


I was looking at the KJW KP-07, it's a 1911 with ambidextrous safety that takes green gas and C02 mags. The ambi safety is a plus for me as I'm lefty -- and learned to shoot "thumb over" grip to accomodate the dual safeties on the two that broke.


But... are the controls on the KJW solid? Like, good strong metal? I ask because it too has that hallow bobbed hammer of doom...


Although I do have an KJW sig 226 and had a kjw m9 and they were/are both solid.


Or if there is another gbb 1911 someone can recommend? Prefer ability to use co2 I shoot daily or weekly in my garage and it is cool in winter, and of course 1911 non hi-capa style gun, all metal.


Many thanks,





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You picked Cheap a low quality "cheaply" made CO2 GBB made by KWC.


CO2 should NOT be your gas of choice even in cold weather. Its really not a consistent gas, nor is it cheap to use.


You want the KJW 1911A1 with an Ice pick valve. You can find them for about 110.00 and the valve is 15.00


You can shoot in in 45 degree temps with +/-10 fps consistency and you can top it off...unlike CO2 which you cannot.

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Excellent! I was hoping kjw was good.


The sad thing is I should have known better, as a bicycle mechanic I've seen lots of aluminum parts crack, fail, etc., but I was a 1911 fan and had no idea they were "low quality" at the time (first airsoft gbbs) but I learned quick...


Looking forward to that kjw when I get the $ together.





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Guges -


Totally segway, but yes...


I went to your channel and saw your ice pick valve video.

Good review, thanks for the info, but I really don't think its a fair test, because you only measured the temperature of the magazine, not the gun.

Most of the cold weather hickups with GBBs happen in the nozzle / blowback unit. not the magazine.

At least, from my experience...

I'm assuming you did that test with a "normal" temperature gun, with just the magazine cold.


I say this because....

I did the test myself.

Used three different hi-capas. all are TM in various configurations. One is brand new.

I gas'd up the mags, insert into gun, and let them get cold in the refrigerator for 2 or so hours.

Temperature when taken out was give or take 35-45 F. (not very accurate gauge, only one in hand).

I got like 4 shots out of each gun, then the typical gas spewing with slide caught midway.


I'm not sure why you love the ice pick so much.....it doesnt work as well as you rave about it....

or am I missing something...?


btw, I am not gonna try ur "red gas" method....that stuff is corrosive. and I don't want to clean my gun every time I use it.


that being said....methinkgs perhaps HPA is really the only way to use GBBs in the cold (freezing cold).

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Ill put the KJW in the Fridge for the next set.


There is a rather fine point of when the IP valve starts acting like a conventional valve. ~44 degrees.


I like it because it lowers the operating threshold of a GBB to a point that it could Never attain in stock form.


I remember many days at Camp Ripley laying withering fire with a Long mag in room to room fights and the gun gasses out after 20 shots due to the cold.


Now...I can run the gun dry...that's 30 more shots that I could get out before.

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