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Story: I just upgraded my AEG airsoft guns hop-up and barrel. My gun started shooting 400 FPS with my stock spring. I put a m100 spring and it still shoots 400 FPS. My goal is to get it to shoot around 350 for CQB. Before I upgraded from cheap parts it shot about 330 FPS.

Guns new specs:

Completely stock G&P gearbox (except m100 SHS spring)

430mm TBB 6.01mm

ProWin CNC hop-up - http://www.evike.com/products/40058/

Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Bucking - http://www.evike.com/products/31081/

I understand that with the hop-up and air seal bucking and the 6.01 mm barrel make a huge difference in FPS but however I put my OLD hop-up and barrel in my gun and it still shoots 400 fps and my head is spinning and I can't find any to make it not shoot 400 fps. Anyone have any idea how to lower my FPS. Thank you in advance.

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Your new spring is NOT M100


Did you compare them in tension. Packaging errors do occur...for this is Airsoft.


What was the brand of the spring?

The brand is SHS which I heard their springs do get mixed sometimes. I am using the same spring that I accidently left compressed in my old gearbox for about a month stright. And I did feel the tention my m100 felt lighter than my old one.

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