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Game Sunday 7/16

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Sunday, July 16th 2PM
25 Island Road
Great Meadows, NJ 07838

Hosted by Cobra One

Op: Trade Wars

Vietnam, 1980, the war ended only 5 years ago.

The village of Doc Lap has become one of the largest hubs in Vietnam for trafficking weapons and drugs. Opium flowing out of the farmlands to the west has brought wealth and conflict to the area. Both sides are slowly encroaching on each other's land; Tension between the Villagers of Doc Lap and the Opium Farmers is growing.

Between the factions lies an abandoned American firebase, an area vital for keeping supply lines open and serving as a buffer between the two increasingly hostile groups. It is only a matter of time before fighting breaks out, and control of this land may be the only road to victory.

Choose your side, the war-weary Doc Lap villagers fighting for their land, or the Opium Farmers looking to expand their profits.

Doc Lap Villagers - Tan Khakis & Black Shirt OR All Black Camo

Opium Farmers - Woodland / Vietnam-era Camo

$25 to play.
400 fps for auto.
Semi-only in towns.
500 fps for bolt action, minimum 100 ft engagement.
Medic rules and mission objectives will be briefed on-site.

Rentals available.

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