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Overspin with SP100 spring and 9.6V battery HELP!

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Your spring is lighter than the system was designed for. That's why using a 9.6v and running the cycle faster causes errors.


You need to compensate for the cycle running faster and help out your cutoff lever. If the trigger trolley spring is worn out you can try cutting some coils off or getting a new one to make it return the trolley faster. That is more of a temporary solution though.


Only guaranteed fix is using an AB mosfet. It resets your cycle to the same point after each shot and it's pretty healthy for the spring to do that anyways.


If you don't want to go that route you can use your old spring which is heavy enough to support your build as you've seen. You can cut a few coils off it to reduce the fps or add a bearing spring guide or similar to accommodate for the lost spring length.

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