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WTS: Hydra'd Cyma HPA, Colt Licensed KJW 1911A1

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My local field has closed down, making my only option CQB fields. This is my prized possession but there's not much use I can get from it anymore, so I've decided to sell it. I've had it for less than two months.

SVD Includes (with retail price)

CYMA SVD w/ wood ($200)
Prometheus 6.03 Barrel w/ Rhop ($80)
Prometheus Purple bucking ($15)
Prometheus Flathop nub ($20)
Matrix PSO-1 4x24 Scope ($125)
Wolverine Hydra ($300)
Real Sword Hydra Nozzle ($65)
Real Sword SVD Gearbox shell ($90)
4x Cyma Midcaps ($50)
Valken 48/300 Tank ($50)
Amped regulator ($85)

Retail: 1075

Asking 700 OBO. Negotiations welcome



Includes two factory new magazines. Everything else is stock

Asking: 90 shipped OBO.

Pics: http://imgur.com/a/O0rtT

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