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If you're lifting heavy BBs then a properly installed and tuned R hop is going to give you probably the best results. I like to use Maple Leaf packings with my R Hops as they give an excellent air seal and the mound is really easy to sand off.

For the hop itself, then the ASG Ultimate is going to give excellent results as long as the hop arm has been perfectly fitted to the body, (NB these won't fit together out of the packet. You have to sand the hop arm to the correct fit) and it's been correctly fitted with an eraser or urethane flat nub. The ASG has the most secure barrel to hop indexing I've yet come across.

For the barrel, a Prometheus 6.03 is a good start and has a window shape that works well with an R hop. Either a PDI or EdGi barrel are higher quality, but the window shape is harder to fit with an R hop. You can either lap the Prometheus, or modify the window shape of the other barrels.

Barrel length wants to be around 350-370mm maximum to allow sufficient cylinder volume for heavy BBs.

The inner barrel should be stabilised within the outer barrel, and the outer barrel needs to be securely fitted and aligned to the receiver. There are various ways of doing this, but the easiest is to use a G&P receiver with the matching taper fit outer barrel.

The gearbox needs to be securely located in the lower receiver, and the upper indexed to the lower with no play between the two. The air nozzle needs to be perfectly aligned with the hop up, and the hop up locked in place relative to the face of the gearbox.

All of this can be done using a cordless drill, thread taps, grub screws, shims and a lot of time and attention to detail.

After that the gearbox internals are easy! Still want to build a proper DMR? ;)

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The Lonex and ASG hop ups are essentially identical. Prowin hop ups are a pain in the butt. Fitment issues, tolerance issues that lead to feeding problems... If you want a Prowin type that works then the SHS or ZCI Prowin clones are actually better than the Prowin. Or the Krytac hop up is damn good.

If you don't mind spending a little time shimming and getting it just so, then the stock G&P hop can be made to work as well as the ASG/Lonex.

From experience, it seems that the longer distance from the pivot to the nub on the 'old' style hop ups makes them easier to adjust with really efficient hop rubbers like an R hop. The Prowin type can be really sensitive to adjustment with R Hops.

And that comes from personal experience of all the types mentioned.

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And if your not shooting a bb heavier than .25g in weight...you cannot use R-Hop. It will way over spin the bb,


I personally don't use R-Hop any more. It severely limits my bb options, because if you are too light...all your shots go up.


A Maple Leaf Nub and Soft packing can get you 80 yards for sure and some have reached 90+ yards.


R-Hop can take you to 100 yards with heavy bbs.

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An incorrectly fitted and tuned R hop will over hop light BBs, but I regularly put 0.2g through mine for testing (cheaper!) and while they are sensitive to adjustment in some hop ups they are fine.

If you don't have any luck with R hop (and it is an acquired skill) then a Maple Leaf 60° and Nazuma soft nub will get you excellent results.

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I agree with hangtight, I didn't believe in R-hop until my buddy got one straight from HSA and it was God tier. His was an original black silicone patch, I'd recommend getting a cold weather patch because they are just as effective and tend to hold up a little bit better.

A few places I'd recommend getting R-hops from:

Clandestine Airsoft - this place is cheap ships fast from the usa an all around great place to buy from. They keep predone r hopped ZCI & Prommy barrels by HSA in stock along with other r hop stuff you may need.

U/Sherlock - operates through R/Airsoftmarket. He personally R hops with cold weather patches and has leagues of experience. A nice thing to note is going this route could mean you using your own barrel, some specific builds require this. He has extensive lapping options available as well.

I went with a barrel cold weather patched and max lvl. lapped by sherlock for myself and my buddy's snipers and the results were like staring into the face of God.

shot inside the barrel:

Our range results were reaching 250+ ft keeping a 6" grouping on .35 and up. 300+ on .4s with a slightly wider spread maybe 8" or 10" but definitely still man sized. If you're looking for a sniper in airsoft, r hop is worth the investment. I will note if you ever plan on using full auto it's probably better to just do what Guges recommended with the Maple leaf bucking because Lapping and R hop effectiveness degrades with use.


Also, R hop patches don't really "break" they can only unseat themselves from the barrel window. Which requires RTV silicone reapplication. Compared to how tedious actually cutting and fitting the patch initially is, reseating it is actually quite simple. so there isn't much risk getting the hard work done initially by someone qualified because they won't have to touch it again.

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That's what an extremely polished barrel looks like. I hadn't seen inside a barrel that had been lapped either. I had 2 done at equal levels to compare. One was steel and the one shown was brass which polishes smoother than steel. the particles that show up in the picture warp and refract when the light is changed. It looks insane


My steel barrel didn't have as distinct of a visual pattern because the metal is harder.



Also the guy lapped this barrel something like 700 passes of 5 different compounds increasing in micrometer. So definitely not your everyday barrel

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