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(Apparent) AGM L96 AWP rifle | Missing Bolt Handle | Identification Requested!

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I found an airsoft sniper rifle at a yard sale for an absolute steal, but it is unfortunately missing a crucial part. Please read on!


From my research it appears to be an AGM L96 AWP. there was mention of two models (M001 and M002, I belive) but I am unsure if these are just different models of the same gun, or 2 separate airsoft guns all together.


The airsoft gun I have:




The gun is missing the bolt handle and retaining lug (Shown Below)




From my research so far I have discovered that there are apparently 2 types of bolts for L96 variants, and one is longer than the other.


I have found many bolt handles for sale but they seem to lack the retaining lug. I was wondering if one of you fine people could point me to a place where I could purchace a bolt handle and retaining lug for a decent price, without having to purchase an entire bolt (as the mechanism is in working order already).


Thanks in advance for the help!



On a personal note:

Normaly I collect airsoft and replica firearms for use as film and theatre props, But considering this find would really match my (assumed) play style, I am considering getting more into airsoft. (Ive played paintball for years and really like the Mil-Sim aspect of airsoft). I've done some repairs to the hop-up system that was broken and completely dissasembled the rifle to get to know it better.

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