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M4 s-system from dboys doesn't feed mags

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Can anyone help me? I upgrade my m4 with a new pistol grip and after I installed the pistol grip on my m4 the mags do not want to feed unless I pull my mags backwards then they feed fine (I also putted some tape around my mags but still doesn't work. I also took out my gearbox and upgraded it on the inside with stronger parts before I installed the grip. Its pretty strange... our is my gearbox not 100% in place ? I hope someone can help me ! :)

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Might sound a bit weird, but try loosening the buffer tube screw and see what happens. Also, did you check that the new grip is not touching the receiver at any point when tightened to the gearbox? You usually need to sand the faces to get clearance, otherwise the grip will pull the gearbox out of alignment with the hop, and that'll also mess up the mesh of the motor pinion with the bevel gear.

I don't think there's anything wrong with the hop if it fires when you move the mag. It's an alignment problem.

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