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Turtle Rover - a remote robot for airsoft

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Hi, I'm new to the forum, but not new in Airsoft. We have a huge community in Poland, but I just found this site as I need some feedback for our new project.


I am a cofounder of robotics company and former airsofter (needed to sell my AEG to start the business). We designed a four-wheeled watertight remote robot that can be used in extreme environment. It can go wireless anywhere you don't want to go personally and as it weigths only 18 lbs with its 4hr of driving it can be used as personal assistant.


As the rover is so robust I figured out, we could find some feedback and maybe even interst in airsoft community.


We are looking for people to perform some tests remotely via Internet. You'd sit and relax in front of your computer and driving a rover located in Poland perform some tasks we have prepared especially for airsoft use.


Then you'd tell us if the rover can be used in CQB, in 'battle' photography or even as scout platform for Milsim.


To sign up to Turtle Rover tests just write me a PM or write below - we'll figure out a schedule to meet.


To see more:




This post souldn't be regarded as spam or ad, but if you find it inappropriate - could you tell me where to move it or who to ask for permission? :D



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