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V3 gearbox frustration

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Well, here I am again. A broken gun in one hand, and a shaking fist for the other. I won an ak in a contest not too long ago. I have no clue what brand it is; which may be part of my problem. I have a retro arms gearbox (bought mainly for the quick change function) and an Echo 1 red torque motor. No matter what I do, the motor pinion is pressing down hard onto the bevel gear. I have tried every combination of shims and lack thereof all to result in a horrific grinding noise. There is no play between the two gears either. I'm at a complete loss. I have tried a new motor cage, new and stock motor, 3 different pinions, and 2 gearsets. What am I missing?



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And that is the State of Airsoft today. Nothing is drop in compatible unless it's the items it was designed for TM.


Tolerances have shifted a lot and I am surmising your RT mechbox is not aligning to the cage due to the hole of the mechbox.

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You can grind some of the internal face of the gearbox case so the bearing bush is sitting deeper into its location hole ,also you could grind some of the face of the bushing to if you were accurate when you do it.

Also push the pinion further down the shaft,that will create more gap from the bevel gear.

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