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Greetings dear airsoft community,


I am new to this forum, so very quick introductions, I am 25 and just starting airsoft.

As condensed as possible:
My interest is not oriented around making a realistic gun.
It is to optimize ones mechanics and take advantage of it's design.


I know of the existence of the holy grail guide, and a lot of the info there is taken into consideration.

We all know the advantages of bullpups.
The Styre A1 has approximately 510mm inner barrel which to my knowledge is awesomely long.

The AU3G / AUG A3 is made of very good plastic.

The AU4G has a full metal RIS.

The UAR is also under consideration.


What I want to build is a DMR which;
- is pinpoint precise up to a minimum of 100 meters.
- shoots at a consistent FPS (+-3).

- shoots at as high FPS as mechanically possible.

- is electric (which is to say not GBB or HP).

I seek any and all advise.
May I consider a 190 spring with great internals ?
Different bullpup manufacturers have different inner barrel lengths for the same model which is puzzling.
I have other questions too, but let's get a discussion flowing first :)

Thank you for your time.

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Lets address your 100meter minimum first. While not impossible (longer shots have been made), it is significantly more challenging with AEGs, made even more so by the fact that you have such a long barrel. Barrel length does not dictate range, and can actually hinder it. In your case, for your 100m minimum, it greatly hinders it because you simply don't have enough air volume in the cylinder. You need a higher cylinder air volume to barrel air volume than normal because you will need to push heavy bbs. .43g minimum, but you really need to consider .69g Zr02 bbs to be precise at that range. Those heavy rounds require more air, than say, a .20g or .30g bb. This means you need to actually shorten the barrel. You will need to use a 300mm barrel to get a 3:1 cylinder to barrel volume ratio as a starting point for .45g bbs. If you use .69g, you will need an even shorter barrel. I would recommend getting a bore up cylinder/piston head/cylinder head/air nozzle kit.


Your gun uses a V3 gearbox so you could use a M190 spring. You will need new gears, preferably Seigetek Conceps 20:1 gears. If you purchase a 28TPA motor, you could use their 14:1 gears. You will also need a new motor. Something like an ASG 22000 motor which is 28TPA would be good. Even better if you want to wind you own armature and do something like 32TPA in a neodymium magnet can.


To power all of this you will a powerful 11.1v lipo battery. If you use a M190 spring, 28tpa motor, on 14:1 gears, you will need a battery that can supply at minimum 37amps. I would pick something well above that. You will also need to install a high power MOSFET to handle that electrical load and protect your trigger contacts.


For a barrel, you will want a high quality stainless steel barrel which you should then lap and install the R-hop or ER-hop. The inner barrel will need to be stabilized within the outer barrel.

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Your belief that the AUG is the best platform is flawed. As mention above in A101 description.


These are blow guns and longer is definitely NOT better. Neither is a TBB. You need a happy medium of 6.06 to 6.08mm.


You need Air and lots of it to get it to shoot that far. So the BEST platform is actually the AR10 replicas with the elongated cylinders that give you about 35% more Air per shot.


365mm barrel and an upgunned V2L SR25 is actually the best AEG mechanical platform to do what you seek.

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