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Airsoft Glock Doesn't fit 6mm bbs. Help

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I have a green gas powered G19 airsoft gun. I am not sure of the actually model number. I believe it is made by WE and it is the gen 2 of the G19 but it doesn't line up with anything I've seen online.

I tried to load 6mm into the mag but they did not fit through the feed hole thing. I asked on reddit and they said that it was just supposed to be tight. So I used a vise to force on in, which shaved plastic of the bb, then I have to use a screw driver to get it out.

I found replacement magazine lips for the magazine. If I switched that out on my mag, would the gun funtion?

Would it also work if I got another magazine that takes 6mm?

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Don't listen to people that tell you to force anything in Airsoft.


If you think about it...forcing it in is a sign It Does Not Fit.


WE never Made a Gen 2 Replica Glock. I highly Doubt it's a WE.


They only Make Gen 3 and Gen 4 variants.


Switching lips if they are the right lips, does not mean the magazine channel is the right size either. Post a picture of this gun of yours.

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