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[WTS] WE Scar-L Gas Blow Back Rifle

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This is my baby. I love this gun so much but I unfortunately have had less and less time to play and even less time to keep up with the gun. It comes with 9 magazines, 5 standard green gas mags and 4 CO2 mags. It will need a tad of love to fix up a few of the green gas magazines as they leak, but I am including a few o rings and some extra parts to fix any leaks. I have not tested the CO2 magazines but the last time I used them they worked perfectly.

I have upgraded the internals a bit. I put in an NPAS, a new hop up bucking, and a 510 mm 6.01mm tight bore barrel with a mock silencer and a barrel extension covering the extra length. It is incredibly accurate and fun to shoot.

Parts List - Retail Price

WE Scar L GBB - $350

NPAS - $20

Tight Bore Barrel - $60

Barrel Extension - $30

Hop up Bucking - $3

Magazine - $40 x 9 = $360

Silencer - $50 Foregrip - $20

Total - $898

I am looking for $450 for all of this. PLEASE NO TRADES. I will not part out anything as I need to get all of it sold.

Pictures http://imgur.com/a/FUrDg

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