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Dr. Frankenstein

Airsoft brands best and worst?

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Hey, been a few years since I've been into airsoft so things have probably changed around a lot. Was hoping to get the rundown on best to worst brands for general quality. When I was In the game Classic Army was reliable, KWA was the Coolaid and Tokyo Marui was alway out of stock. What's the current state of affairs for brands?


Thank you!

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Theres a lot to explain because there are so many options these days. depending on the model and type of replica you want some brands might be better than others. What exactly are you looking for? Come up with a list of qualities or expectations and that will help you narrow it down to a specific make and model.






-full metal body


etc. etc. etc.

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It's hard to get a general consensus on things like this, a lot of people have strong opinions and there's not a lot of concrete data on failure rates or poorly built replicas. Everyone in my group agrees that cybergun is awful, but beyond that, most have opinions based on personal experiences, because this or that brand failed for them on the field or such. A lot of it comes down to just a roll of the dice, and without larger sample sizes it's really hard to know what's what these days.

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And price is a good judge of quality, still.


IMHO from direct experience and seeing CA directly face to face. Their stuff is mediocre at best. The owners were never interested in making a rock solid product.


Example: First CA all "metal" M4 had a terrible solid stock and barrel wobble worse than a TM. Stock was made of brittle ABS. It cracked easily like dropping it down on the ground from your shoulder or tapping out the tabs to get a larger battery into the stock.


So...with that...the best are the items of higher price.



Asian G&P, not Evike G&P



Decent models that are good and even better than CA, sadly are JG, DBOYS/Klash


SRC is making the Vulkan BM's...early not so good. Now their current models are on par with CA.


LCT is overpriced, but of good quality.


E&L is of good price and superior quality externally, decent internally and very good after post purchasing tune-ups.


TM is still TM made to a standard and absolutely HQ. Did you see their tri-barrel AEG with 3 way hop-up adjustment? Up, left and right?

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