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Which air pistol for live firearms practice?

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Price Range: $100-$300

Type of Gun: preferably CO2 (availability wise), electric and spring will do

Preferred Gun Models: m9 etc. (any pistol with a functioning -internal or external- hammer for single action)

Role: trigger and accuracy practice for live firearms (specifically 9mm pistol).

I need an airsoft (6mm) or airgun (4,5 mm) pistol that’s for low rate of fire, off-hand practice shooting. I “primarily” need a very realistic trigger, blowback isn’t necessary since I don’t mind cocking the hammer every single time and I don’t care about recoil, but it should eventually be capable of single action. Secondary feature would be accuracy downrange, therefore decent fps wouldn’t hurt, for the same purpose. Tertiary, realistic weight and ruggedness, preferably full metal. Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.

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CO2 is Not the way to go.


People need to get off the CO2 band wagon. It destroys guns faster, has inconsistent shooting performance and has horrible reload options.


I can add I used to be a Role Player Armorer (I equiped OPFor against LEO in training) and I have been in Law Enforcement.


Which means you should train like the real thing, right?


KWA PTP (aka KSC M9) is the Most "realistic" Airsoft 6mm on the US Market. Real decocker, and it does blow back. You can swap out the grips for real Beretta grips and you can drop in a real 5# trigger spring if you want for realism. Use GG/Propane in it and it will last 50,000 rounds provided you perform Proper gun maintenance in it. And not the BS Airsoft Maintenance procedure with is not the proper procedure at all.

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