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M4 AEG inner barrel lenght

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I have a M4A1 from Cyma, right now I am using the stock inner barrel 390mm 6.08

Wanna add a new 6.03 barrel but I don't know what is the best length that I can use.

Just add a suppressor so I have space for a long barret... 500mm MAX.


Any advice how can I know what is the best size I can use??

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Sounds like you have some old and bad information on upgrades.


Stock M4A1 barrels are ~363-365mm


Cylinder is designed for barrel of this length, a Type 1 or Type 2 depending on maker.


Putting on just "any" 6.03mm barrel May Not improve range or accuracy.


Changing the barrel to 500mm will drop your fps and range.


If your swapping to Tight bore, you better be using High Grade bbs too. Cheap bbs in tight bore may reduce range and accuracy.

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This is my M4



And I get my barrel and its 390mm size.

with the suppressor I have max 500mm

the question its if I keep the size 390mm using 6.03 or maybe a long one? and what size.. maybe 455mm


gun its hooting at 381 using 0.2g bbs and I am using the best one we have in brazil.. its a good bbs

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The TBB will "not" help significantly there.


You will want a better hop-up system and shoot .28g bbs


The easiest and "cheapest" way to get more range in your CYMA is change the hop-up packing to a Maple Leaf Packing in the 60 degree durometer range and install it with a matching nub. Then clean your stock barrel and polish it with brass polish on the inside.


Then you should get about 20 Meters more range...give or take a few meters. With significant improvement in range and distance.

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Your gun already has a quite optimal inner barrel length power wise. With a longer barrel even an unported cylinder may have too little volume to give good compression with heavier BB's. With your current inner barrel length you are able to increase the cylinder to barrel volume ratio to compensate for AOE correction and to get optimal compression with heavier BB's.


I've worked on many AEG's with inner barrels ranging from 110m to 630mm and the only practical difference is compression efficiency. I've found that it's easiest to get good compression efficiency with a standard AEG cylinder with barrels ranging from ~200mm to ~455mm. I've never seen any correlation between barrel length and accuracy, and range relies heavily on the hop-up and BB quality, as stated above.

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