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Airsoft starter - buying my first AEG - need some final advice

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Hello everybody, Ive been to a couple skirms using rental kits so far, however it is time for me to buy my first AEG

I Consider myself as the biggest airsoft n00b alive, and all the upcoming advice and suggestions are welcome. thanks in advance.


my budget is considered to be MAX €400 euro, however preferable less for more ofcourse.

I have played both indoor(CQB) and outdoor(fields), and untill now ive liked both alot. so I guess the barrel length shouldnt be too short/long.


as a beginner airsofter I made the choice to play as a normal soldier/assaulter, without any in depth specifications. Learn the basics, then specialize.


Ive already done some research evenings and figured out the what type/kind of airsoft model I prefer.

I love the M4 models with a full attachment rails over the top. and a longer looking outer barrel/handguard.


I will propably add the following attachments ( Mildot or Eotech optics, Angled foregrip, flashlight(or peqbox), (optional, 3x flip to side magnification) suppressor/tracer unit.


I have narrowed my pick down to a few remaining models ( ofcourse, all other suggestions/advices are still much appreciated)


-G&G GC16 Warthog 9" ( or 12") €360,23 (€370,97 for 12") $ 425,61

-G&G GC16 SRL €300,60 (€360, but has special offer) $ 355,16

- VFC VR16 saber carbine mod 1 €389,50 $ 460,20

- VFC Avalon Saber €486,26 $574,52


for reference ( not interested in model) , krytac LVOA-S €510 $ 602,57 , yes I guess Europe is more expensive... )



I do not mind to buy the best replica out of the box, I do not mind teching on it either, and ive already planned on doing some mods/checks just to be sure about the durability of the AEG. ( shimming, after market hop-up, bucking/nub, applying a flat-hop, changing wiring to more durable/less resistance ones, connecting DEANS. (everything if needed ofcourse, if the stock is fine by itself I wont change it)


also I want to instantly use Lipo batteries, which shouldnt be a problem because all of them are delivered with mosfet or ETU. I was thinking about 11.1v, above 1000mah with 25C or + . ( suggestions, brands to avoid/or specially use?, also I could use some smart charger guidance)



Here are my current questions between de different models I have mentioned above.


- as previously said, I don't mind teching on my AEG, however I am noob/beginner so I would avoid the advanced stuff to start with,


basicly the questions are all based around the fact, shall I buy a pre upgraded AEG ( the Avalon saber,) or upgrade the lower G&G warthog/SRL or the previous model vr16 saber?

Time it takes for me to install/apply the after market upgrades(teching) is no issue, I would like to do it anyway. HOWEVER money is an issue. The 400 euro is the LIMIT for an AEG (excl. batteries/bbs/few extra mags/charger)


example : if I buy the €360 euro GC16 warthog 9" , then I will have €140 euro left for upgrading the AEG, inner barrel, motor, everything in the gearbox, to the same or better specifications as the out of the box VFC avalon Saber. is this even possible for the price difference?


- is the VFC avalon saber perfect, or what is a MUST to upgrade after market? ( consider there is no budget for it )


- is the VFC avalon saber and VR16 saber carbine mod 1 considered too long for indoor (CQB) play area's ?


- What is the stock inner barrel diameter of the G&G brands? ( 6.08mm, or are stocks 6.04 , read this somewhere) and if so, is installing a 6,03mm tightbore a top priority over bucking/nub/motor ?


- What are the motor types used in both the G&G GC16?


- is the almost 100 euro difference between the VFC avalon saber and the VR16 saber carbine mod 1 worth it? ( the Avalon saber is the same newer released edition from the VR16 series, upgraded gearbox, 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel, better performance motor ( not sure which one particular, anyone? ) (almost same question as the example above, I know)


- is the quick change spring system in the VFC gearbox worth it? does it make much of a difference?


- what are the differences between the G&G GC16 warthog 9" and the SRL edition? ( because there is a difference in price)


except for some external changes , SRL has some lines in the top receiver and has keymod rail on the 45 degrees angle of the handguard/outer barrel


- is the ETU system in the G&G brand any good or should it be avoided/removed/changed? ive read multiple reviews about this, and its very mixed. ive read this system does two things ( the fire mode option to burst, works as a MOSFET, doenst burn trigger contact. However few websites selling the G&G brand recommened to only use 11.1v C15 batteries, because more C will fry the system, and Nimh wouldnt work with the ETU?


- are there ANY other really considerable differences between G&G and VFC , except the ones mentioned earlier?


at last her are the delivered links to the specific AEG's I have previously talked about.






Thank you for your time and effort to help me in my ultimate search to my dream AEG.

Hopefully I have been able to deliver the forever dream of a decent and usefull " Helpme which gun to get for $$$ topic.


I am sorry for any wrong grammatical sentences, english is not my main(1st) language


Kevin [Reapz]


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