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Is weight a problem?

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A little info..

I'm 182 cm tall, and I weigh roughly 200kg....?


Despite my weight, I'm quite persistent.

I'm not worried about running out of breath or so..


I'm more worried to be called out on my size..


I recently played paintball and it was hella fun and I could keep on going all tough it was physically hard..

But I'm more drawn to airsoft, but I'm worried because I don't know the average player, and the community.


Any tips, would help? ?

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Honestly...ignore people that criticize your weight. This is a game, we are here to have fun.


If someone is openly bullying because of your weight....tell them to shut up. They are being "weightist" and stupid.


I will play with any player, have fun...be honorable and calling your hits. That is all I expect from fellow players.

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If you're bullied because of your weight at the field, then you've gone to the wrong field, in the right community your apperance won't matter. I've played airsoft with people that were close to your size, they didn't seem to be limited by their weight and people didn't harass them. Find the right field and you'll feel right at home and have plenty fun.


I don't discriminate players, big or small, male or female, you all get a fair share of my BB's. :D

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I'm 175cm x 90kg, yes, I'm fat, but idgaf about people making fun of me when I play, because at the end of the day I'm not the one craving for air after 4h of nonstop playtime ;)


usually those people are the ones that get left behind (here in Italy games are "hosted" by teams, and usually teams don't allow idiots to play with them xD)

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As a fellow 'big guy', I agree with the other posters. Ignore the internal voice that may make the criticization and if people are giving you guff for your size, you should probably find another place to play. In the end, the idea is to have fun. If you're not having fun because of others, then it's time to change things up.

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