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Best M16/M4 AEG

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VFC & G&P receivers are nice. Everything else can be changed so 'nice' depends on how much money you want to spend. But as a rule the rail, stock etc that higher end guns come fitted with are generally very good.

Asking which M4 has the 'best' externals is a bit like asking, "Which car looks best...". You need to decide what 'best' means before it has any significance.

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Fit and work are two very different factors.


You will need to be very specific details if you want specific answers.


There are many types of G&P mags:


STANAG Replica in Mid and Hicap

Lancer Replica in Mid and Hicaps

Tango Down Replica in Mid and Hicap

Ball Mags in Mid and Hicap

VN Mags in Mid and Hicap

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