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Disrespectful to wear ACUs for airsoft?

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Hello! I've heard that wearing ACUs can be disrespectful and stealing valor. Well, my friend's stepdad that served in the military gave me and my brother both ACUs to wear for airsoft and I just want to hear some opinions on if it's okay for me to wear it while playing airsoft. Since he actually gave it to us to wear, I'm assuming he's fine with us wearing it. Also, I'm in no way trying to steal valor by saying that I was in the military or disrespect soldiers while wearing it, I just like the way it looks and it's the only camouflage that I own.

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No it isn't, especially proved in point by the person who gave it to you.


Back in the 1990's US military Woodland was very common with thrift/surplus stores...a LOT of people had it available for use and no one in the military was offended if you wore it...I don't see the issue now.


Now if you PRETEND to have served wearing the ACU...that is a whole other issue.


Is someone giving you a hard time for wearing ACU?

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