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ASG CZ-75 P07 Duty

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Hello so today I went out to play some airsoft with some of my friends I used an ASG lubrication cartridge and it went fine but when I got home I pulled back the slide (to clean it) and pulled the trigge but it didnt go back to its original position I then tried to pull the slide back again but this time the trigger wouldnt pull I cant seem to get it working again and I can fiddle with the trigger but not all the way to its standard position please if you have any idea what I should do please help im completely lost

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Those things are ALL wrong.


I can't believe that made oiled 12g cartridges.


Putting oil in the power source is like putting motor oil in the gas tank. It Does Not Work for proper lubrication.


No Oil gets to the rails, the hammer group, the slide and barrel interface. It puts oil in the places You Do Not Want Oil.


Valve, hop-up and barrel.


Gawd...I hate the Large Airsoft houses...dumb, just dumb,


Now as for your pistol. Strip the upper from the lower and inspect for broken parts inside hammer group.


CO2 is a terrible power source for Airsoft, it wrecks guns prematurely!

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