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Trying to decide on an SMG for a backup weapon

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Honestly, I keep telling myself that I'm NOT going to buy any more airsoft guns since I've already invested enough money into three guns that are of good quality, but still, things are bound to happen, and I figured it might be a good idea to invest in a backup gun in case things go south while I'm out playing, plus I'm always up for familiarizing myself with different guns.


Rambling aside, I've narrowed myself down to three guns: the AGM MP 40, the ICS M3 "Grease Gun", and the Tokyo Marui MAC-10. Some of you might be asking why I chose these particular models. First of all, I just plain like the looks of them. Second of all, based on the reviews I've read, they seem to be pretty solid. My only caveats are trying to find a good holster if I go with the MAC-10 and trying to find a good battery for the MP 40 or Grease Gun. I know there's the DeSantis Rig for the former, but that's pretty expensive for something that I might not use that often in airsoft combat. As for the latter two, I could go with LiPo, but after the one I was using in my M16A1 puffed up during charging (with a smart charger, no less), I kinda have my doubts about LiPo.


So, what are your thoughts?

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