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Xander Bolanos

WTB GBB FNX45 KSC/KWA Glock GBBR Bring me Awesomeness!

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The classifieds look like a ghost town wirh posts from 2016 on the 1st page?. Im looking for GBB pistols and GBB rifles.



Sig P226/228 metal only

Ksc/Kwa Glock with Trades

Salient builds or anything with RS trades in a glock varient. No WE anything thanks

M4 or Scar GBBR

I have paypal, apple pay, and if you can face to face cash.

Im not wet behind the ears and my feedback shows that, so if you have what I want be ready to close a deal as soon as both parties agree on price.

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KSC stop with their RS markings a long time ago.


What is available now is the KJW units with the proper markings. Not expensive either at 130.00 shipped.

glad to see you you’re still around. I know that a cheaper optuon is available but I know someone has what I want collecting dust. Hell I would love to see P228/P226 custom build none of that guarder stuff either.

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