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help finding battery pack

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Hey everyone, I am hoping you all can help me track down a specific Nimh battery pack.


I am looking for some 7.2 volt sub-c Nimh crane stock/nunchuck/butterfly battery packs but having a little trouble. I have seen a couple 7.2 volt nimh crane stock/nunchuck/butterfly battery packs on ebay, but Im pretty sure they are 2/3a instead of sub-c.


I know most of you are scratching your heads on the 7.2 volt instead of 8.4 or higher volt, but I specifically need 7.2 volts for what I am trying to do, and much prefer sub-c cells over 2/3a cells.


If noone sells 7.2 volt sub-c crane stock/nunchuch/butterfly battery packs, do any of you know anywhere that can do custom battery packs using high quality, high discharge nimh sub-c cells in a crane stock/nunchuck/butterfly pack setup?


Thank you all!


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