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Hey guys. who else is still around? I have this site as one of my homepages when I open chrome so I get to see our forum rot daily lol
What are you doing in airsoft lately? I haven't played in a few years now but the last thing I did was fix my g36 only for the selector switch to fall off as soon as I test fired it. Not to mention my trigger not returning in semi. 😕 
get any new equipment this year?
how'd you like it?

Just wanted to get a thread going to liven the place up a bit. 🙂

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I lurk. To be honest, Im slowing down with airsoft and getting into firearms. I still play occasionally, but not as much. Same goes with working on guns. 


Admin is taking a crack and bringing this place back, and I for one would love to see it back as the active metropolis that it was. I certainly hope with FB cracking down on airsoft sales and groups in general that it drives people back to the forums. 

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Life has slowed down my airsoft gaming in the last year.  I grew tired of producing Ops, something I have done for the last ten years.  Mostly due to the changing player base.  Players didn't want tactical game play anymore, they want speedball.  I don't produce those kinds of games.  Plus my school is growing and I needed to be there more.  Add a firearms instruction side business, wife, two special needs kids, and a bad hip and it slowed me down a lot.  But I had the hip replacement surgery done in February and am getting back into promoting small, local games.  Hopefully the forums can do the same and come back as well!

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