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AirsoftGI FMG4-A1: $100 shipped.
This was the early/first versions of the series with the Lonex base. Includes the outer barrel as it is tapered and fits only that receiver. All you need is a rail, inner barrel and maybe a flash hider and you're ready to rock. Upgrades include a full cylinder and APEX Python MOSFET wired to Deans. With the shown 11.1v batteries (info below) and 455mm barrel it shoots 412fps +-2 and 21rps. Can remove the paint on the stock if desired.

ZCI 455mm 6.02mm Barrel, R-hopped & lapped: SOLD
Includes the hop up chamber. When paired with the gun above, it was reaching out to 200ft. Please note the price reflects the work/time put into this barrel. It has been lapped 5000 passes down to 0.25 micron as well as had the crown enhanced. A similar package from Clandestine Airsoft would be $125 and would not include the hop up unit.
Lonex Flash Mag $10 shipped or free with the gun
Works fine, holds 360rds.

1 Point Bungie Sling $6 shipped or free with the gun
Does its job.
G&G Crane Stock $25 shipped
Includes buffer tube and mounting hardware

ZOP Power 11.1v 5000mah 30C lipo $15 shipped
If you're into redonkulously large batteries, this is for you. Large, works well, wired to Deans. This was included with a gun I bought, so no idea on how many cycles its had.
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