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Getting out of airsoft! A&K Masada, KWA ATP, holster, vest, internals, mask, extended mag

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Hey all, I'm getting out of airsoft so I'm selling the rest of my airsoft stuff. 

First the list, then the pics:

Bundle 1: A&K Masada (Black) $200

Comes with: 3-9x40 scope, 11.1v 2200mAh LiPo, 1 Elite Force 140 rd midcap mag, flip-up ironsights, Wii Tech loading nozzle, extra internals and parts. Don't have original box, sorry.

Issues: has an intermittent feed issue, also fire selector switch currently shoots full auto in safe and single in both single and full auto modes, needs a little attention. Still shoots hard though.


Bundle 2: KWA ATP (Black) $130.

Comes with: extra magazine, propane adapter, original box with manual, hop-up adjustment tool(s), extra grip backing, etc.

No issues

KWA 49 rd MAGPUL PTS FPG extended pistol magazine $40

BLACKHAWK SERPA CQC Holster for Glock 17/22 $30 (right-handed)

V-Force Anti-fog full face mask $50

Tactical Vest (OD green) comes with single dual frag pouch and Admin Pouch all for $40, all OD Green

Random internals, including motor, spring, M4 hop-up mechanisms, aluminum barrel, barrel cleaner, etc. $25

132 round 40mm grenade $20

First, second and third folks to buy from me get a bag of BBs free. If you buy two bundles/items, you can have two bags

If you buy everything from me, you can have it all for $450 and I'll cover shipping

I'll ask you to add on $10 for shipping and if shipping turns out to cost more than that, I'll cover the rest.












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