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Is this enough to cause grinding sounds?

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So about two weeks ago I was at my first game in 5 years or so and my PTS Masada that hasn’t been shot in just as long crapped out on me (no surprise there). Starting a grinding noise on low battery and I chose to stop shooting it from there.

Took apart the gearbox and it doesn’t look too bad, only thing I immediately noticed was some metal shavings at the opening in which the motor pinion rests in the gearbox. Upon further inspection the pinion gear does need replaced, but I am curious if this level of damage can cause the sound I was hearing or if there’s likely something I missed since realistically I don’t think the pinion damage is THAT bad.

Photo below: figuring this out rn, it’ll be in a comment after I upload to imgur

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My guess is the motor height screw backed out, and that cause the grinding sound and metal shavings. That pinion doesn't look awful and may still be usable. After you get the motor height set, some blue locktite on the screw should keep it in place. 

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