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I'm developing a new airsoft grenade

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I've been problem solving this in my head for literally over a decade: How can we make a high quality, cheap to reload, not TOO expensive realistic frag? In particular I wanted something that I could rig to a tripwire or throw with variable delay.

Well, I finally sat down to CAD it this weekend, and  since I work at a machine shop and have a lathe at home, it may actually happen (at least prototype) before too long.

I only have the "core" part drawn so far, and was too lazy to draw a pin. Im also not at home, so I'll  upload higher  quality images later but here's  a couple teaser pics taken with my phone camera. Feel free to drop feedback and ask questions, but I've  tried to make it as simple as possible.

For the sake of my sanity I didn't  CAD any threads, but assume that the main body and the head are attached  via thread, and the bottom of the main body comes off so the inner "cup" piston can be inserted. Maintenance should be easy and it isnfully field serviceable with as few small parts as possible. 

Variable time delay (I will edit the timing piston size as necessary, but the goal is to have  0 second, 3 second, and 6 second positions. The piston is pulled back by a cord which attaches to the orange secondary safety plug on the other end)

the timing piston rides in a linear bearing track which is held in place by a set screw (not pictured)

Neodymium magnets take the place of springs for longevity and consistency to push the piston closed. The small aperture at the front of the piston restricts airflow and serves as the "fuse". once the piston is fully closed, the firing pin/inner cup piston can shoot up. the chamber is charged with propane/green gas  from the bottom which provides the pressure to  force the firing pin up.

The unit will likely be made of a combination of milled aluminum and delrin with rubber O-rings

I plan to make an injection moulded hard rubber slip-over frag cover which will hold BBS but am also considering moulded paper mache with BBs or powder  (maybe even a steady jet of cornstarch or something for a fireless smoke screen?) or other biodegradable disposable covers. For now the importance is modularity and functionality over time.

Images in gallery below. Thanks for your time!


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