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Facebook refugee & 3D modeler reporting in.

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Well, it seems like facebook systematicly purged me from more than 15 different groups and/or banned the groups too. 
Well, here in Finland we have this thing called "freedom of speech" 

Been a member for quite some time but I suppose its a good time to introduce myself a bit more.

Been a airsoft techie for about 15 years. Ran a upgrade & maintenance service for about 10 years. Still do "special cases" when all others have failed and tweak on some classics most have never heard of. 

Few years ago I was looking to find a spare for something and none had been made in the last 20 years... "Well, 3D print it, how hard can it be?" and it turns out, very. But, I did learn how to 3D model stuff and then bought my own printer. Rest is history in the making.

Heres a little something I've been working on. 


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