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Tm M4 (new Version)

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So I am (hopfully) getting the TM M4 new version. I was looking on redwolf (because I was going to buy there) to see their prices and their reviews. When I looked at the review it said that it only had an effective range of 80 feet, and then I go look at other places that say it has an effective range of 120 feet. So I am totaly :a-confused:. So I am here to ask people that know what there talking about.


So question #1, what is the effecive range of the M4 right out of the box.


Question #2, what is the effective range of it upgraded to 380 FPS.


I am probably going to order from Hot Spot Airsoft, they have flat rate shipping and upgrade guns (BTW, does any one know if they remove the fuse?) not to mention the exceptional prices :a-grin:


Thanks, and long live the :a-famerican: lol

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Out of the box you wont get more than 120 Ft. out of it. Just the same as any other stock gun. I highly doubt you'll get 200 Ft. out of it ever...At 380FPS it will problay shoot 150Ft accurately, after that the only way you can hit stuff is to dump ammo on full auto and hope it hits, A.K.A. "spray and pray"

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