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Help me choose a sidearm

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Hey guys, I'm switching my role to sniper and I need a sidearm to acompany me.

The sidearm must accept CO2 and Gas. I have no intention on modding it and its use will me minimum (hopefully, if I do my job right xD), so it must be decent right out of the box.

I have no interest on NBB. I understand that sniper is about quiet, my when a guy is too close I wanna scare him. Plus, I also like the feel of the gun kick, makes it feel authentic (so please do not sugest the tm socom mk 23).

My budget is around 100$.

I have no brand or model preference but I avoid Glocks and like guns with real scale.

I play on fields.


This is what I am inclined to so far: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/gas-4/r32-sandstorm-army-armament

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