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Bolt BR-47 Locks Up in Full Auto

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I purchased a brand new Bolt BR-47 from Evike.  Immediately out of the box, it fired fine in semi auto.  But after a few burst in full auto, the the rifle/motor locked up.  You can hear the motor clicking, but it wont turnover. 

I sent it back to Evike on a RMA and the sent it back (supposedly repaired, though I don't know exactly what they did).  But upon receiving it, the issue remains:  in semi auto, the rifle seems fine; the moment you do a few bursts in full auto, the motor locks.  It's been sent back in two RMAs, but the issue remains.  Either Evike is not really doing anything in the RMA, or the quality checks before sending it back is really lacking... or I am doing something wrong.

The battery I am using is the Turnigy 7.4 15c-25c Lipo.

I am completely new to Airsoft.  This rifle is actually a gift for my son, but sadly he's not been able to play with it as the RMAs takes 2-3 weeks to complete.  

Having sent it back in 2 different RMAs, I'm hesitant to send it back for a third one as it will likely be the same result.  I feel like I'm stuck with this $300 rifle and will need to find a way to fix this issue myself. 

Anyway tips or guidance or suggestions would really be appreciated.

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There are two possible issues I can think of:


1. Your battery doesn't have enough juice to cycle the gun on full auto.

2. The gun's motor doesn't have enough juice to drive the geartrain.


Do you have a 11.1V LiPO you can use to test?

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