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Hey guys!

I would like some input if possible. I bought an AW Hi-Cappa Black Ace (HW2003) basically for CQB. But, I found it rather bulky and it's SA - it's no use, I tried, but I'm a DA kind of guy. Still, it's a FANTASTIC gun, very well made and a straight shooter OOTB. I really liked it, so I'm gonna keep it basically for plinking. Therefore, I would like to make it as accurate as possible, and the first thing I thought was to swap the stock barrel. My idea was to use an AW Hi Capa 109,9 mm × 6,01 mm barrel, and here is where I need your expertise.

I haven't put the Black Ace through a chrono yet, since my new one will only be here next week, so I can't say what's the barrel speed right now. I really don't need higher FPS, I want precision, but since upping the speed makes the BB travel straighter, I guess it's a good parameter for accuracy. Or at least, that's how I'm looking at it. So would a barrel swap be the first upgrade to do if I want precision? Would that actually improve accuracy or should I think of something else first?

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