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Noob looking for advice on a starter AEG

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Hi all,

Looking for advice on on a starter AEG rifle so that I don't buy a lemon or get my pants pulled down.


$200 - $250

I think this is reasonable for a rifle but feel free to suggest an increase if there are some suggested "essential" items that I am not aware of. I already have a mask from paintball.

Is there anything else that I should I buy before playing so I don't hate my life? I'm talking about quality of life accessories that are worth it.


The only model preference I have is I want practicality over form. I rather have something that looks like a brick that I can handle well and is effective and sturdy. Looking for top value AKA bang for buck.

Where I play:

More often outdoor fields than indoor ones. I live in South Florida so it is hot as balls and humid. All the time.


I am 6' with long limbs, 180 pounds. I'm in decent shape, but I'm no point man. Figure midfield and I can probably be comfortable with a heavier, larger frame.

Thanks for all help and advice in advance!

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If I had to start from scratch again, here's what I would get:


Krytac Alpha CRB, $255


Krytacs are pretty unremarkable overall, with decent performance at a fitting price point. The one thing that makes them stand out (in my mind) is ease of servicing.  Their gearbox is far and away the easiest AEG gearbox to work on, thanks to the quick-change spring and captive antireversal latch. Now, I'm not suggesting that you go tearing into your gun right away. What I am saying is that, when you think you're ready, you should teach yourself how to work on guns. Learning how to fix your own stuff will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the long run. There is no better platform to learn on than the Krytac Version 2 gearbox, in my opinion.


High Power Airsoft 0.25g biodegradable bbs (bottle of 4,000), $19


HPA makes great bbs. These should run very well in your shiny new toy.


Turnigy 11.1V 1000mAh LiPO battery, $12


Batteries are needed to power Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs). This battery will serve you well. It should last 1000-1500 rounds and perform adequately in all weather.


Turnigy basic LiPO balance charger, $5


Nothing fancy here, just a decent quality entry-level battery charger.


This brings your total to:

255 + 19 + 12 + 5 = 291, plus shipping from HobbyKing (shipping from Evike is free)

A bit over your stated budget, but the extra money is worth it for a quality primary.


Optic, flashlight, spare magazines, vest, handgun, grenades, radio, etc...

Don't bother with all that stuff right now. Prioritize getting yourself set up with a quality rifle that will last a long time. The extras can come later.

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