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FS: Shoei G43 Masterpiece (at a ridiculously reasonable price

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Gunner79 is moving. And only a portion of my massive collection can come with me. So here it is: one of my prize Shoei G43 hand crafted Rifles. Complete and in new condition with original Shoei box. Comes with 3 magazines ( which cost me $125+ each - IF you can even buy one now).

This is almost the real deal folks: Literally hand made/fabricated by Tomio M.  It took 2 years and a big 'old deposit to get my hands on these. It's gorgeous and it shoots using a modified Escort engine, designed and finely crafted by Shoei. Note: it's not a gun for the field though - it's a collector masterpiece. Shoei made this with that concept in mind. I believe only 100 were made in the first run. A second run is planned, but you can bet your sweet bippy that this is and will continue to be, a very rare bird!

Now the stunning part: I'm going to let this go for$1,250 (including the three mags!). shipping will be on the purchasing party - CONUS only. No international sales please- the last time I did it turned into a very sad, long and expensive affair for both the buyer and myself. Ultimately he did not get a rifle and I was left with a customs' mangled mess of a once beautiful rifle. I just can't let this happen again, to me OR a buyer....

No trades, none. It's hard enough figuring out which of my beautiful guns will come with me...and which will not. Thank goodness I have another G43. First come, first served.


Additional photos upon request 







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