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Another nice weapon that one really does not see around anymore (and not many were produced).

I've a LCT M60E3 MG. Beautifully made, ALL metal (except for the buttstock, grip and fore grip, all of which are a bakelite-type styrene). This is one HELL of a MG and has been completely rebuilt stem to stern: specs? Try this on for size then: about 32 RPS at about 450+ FPS. She is a mean old buzzsaw and works perfectly AND reliably. One of my favorite 'working' MGs. She is pretty to look at too!
I paid $850 to just purchase her (one of LCT's earlier guns and long out of production to) and then had one of my best tech buddies make her....a opposition's nightmare (no joke). I love her - but I cannot take ALL of my lovely MGs (and I have several HPA E3s) with me so she's now on the market. Price really is a true 'giveaway' figure (like getting a Inokatsu '60' that not only is exceptional in fidelity but can DOMINATE a field (unlike a stock Inokatsu) Heh heh.
Price - a firm $400. Shipping on buyer. CONUS sale only please. No trades. Really. Believe me, if I actually had the space - I'd be keeping her.






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