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FS: Smokey Sniper Rifle

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Fro Gunner79 's Vault of Collectable/Rare Airsoft.

A very limited release from 'Smokey', a company renowned in collection circles for having produced some of Airsoft's better, high-quality custom guns (including the Barrett M82/104 years before Socom Gear, etc.). The rifle in question is a true sniper. Has well over 300ft range It is now tuned to shoot at 600fps., It is bolt action rifle and has a incredible bull-type fluted steel barrel. It utilizes a system very similar (and compatible with) the Maruzen APS system and utilizes the APS magazine. I have a number of mags that will come with it. Send me an PM/email adress if interested and I will send photos. This puppy is better in performance than my old MR-30, lighter and MUCH sexier in appearance.  
I purchased heabout 13 years ago.  Her rarity is such that I can almost guarantee one will NOT see one around anytime soon) .  A true gem and a damn good rifle.  For some reason I cannot load but one image now. (shows the subject rifle with scope on the left). PM me with email addy and I can send photos.  Price is $1250  Firm.  No trades.  Will split shipping cost via USPS Priority.






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