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Help! Gun or Battery?

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Brand new LiPo battery arrived today and I immediately threw it on the smart charger it came with. It didn't take long to charge fully and then it went on my brand new ICS PAR Mk3. It was shooting perfectly in semi but once switched to full auto, 1 round would fire and then nothing. I tried switching back to semi and still nothing. I unplugged the battery from the gun and then placed it back on the charger. It took 3 minutes before it was back to full again. I reconnected the battery to the gun and went straight to full auto. Again, 1 shot and then the gun went dead.  I only have one battery to test it with. I tried putting the battery back on the charger and then back onto the gun with a full charge and nothing is working now. Both semi and full auto are nonresponsive. What is going on? Is it a safety measure built into the battery? For reference, I bought the Matrix High Performance 7.4V Stick Type Airsoft LiPo Battery (Configuration: 1000mAh / 15C / Small Tamiya / BMS Smart Charger Starter Package). I'm rather new to AEG's and could use some help. Thanks!

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