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FS: JAC M16A1 w/ Box Mag, Custom Full Auto/External Gas Marushin Slugster

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I've got two guns for sale here, both of which are pretty cool! All prices include shipping within the continental US!


JAC M16A1 with Box Mag- will come with a conventional magazine in case you'd like to switch over from the box mag - $350



Marushin Slugster- BOY is this thing one of the funniest pieces you could field. It started life as a regular Marushin Slugster and was converted by one of the most well-known members of the old ClassicAirsoft.net forums into a hilarious terror- the gun was gutted, and then converted to use external gas, fire full auto, and have 3 BB tubes in the magazine tube so you can fire for a LONG time and reload pretty quickly if you need to.  -$425 OBO






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